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Industrial automation

Ami d.o.o provides information technology, automation, and process solutions to a wide range of manufacturing applications for the chemical, metals & mining, oil & gas, pulp & paper, power, pharmaceutical and special chemical industry.

We work closely with customers to provide solutions that help them maximize return on investments and optimize performance across their supply chain. We have realized projects in automation with our engineering and realisation:


  • aluminium industry –  TALUM Kidričevo - transfer of Pechiney technology in aluminium production and casting

  • automation of closed cooling water system for aluminium casting, - TALUM Kidričevo

  • alumina production – tabular alumina production – shaft kiln 1 plant automation, ALUSIL - Kidričevo

  • zeolite production – SILKEM Kidričevo - reactor for zeolite synthesis, draying of zeolite, compound production

  • herbicide production – PINUS Rače – sysnthesis of  herbicide – organic chemistry

  • biocide production – PINUS Rače – synthese of biocide – organic chemistry

  • automation of incinerator plant in PINUS Rače – special waste from the chemical industry

  • modernisation of the metanol plant – NAFTA Lendava – process measurement and control

  • modernisation of polietilen plant DIOKI – Zagreb Croatia – process measurement and control

  • modernisation of polietilen plant DINA – Omišalj Croatia – process measurement and control

  • distributed process system for heating control in town PTUJ, (OMRON PLCs)

  • process control system for distribution of gas, electricity, water, compresed air in TALUM and SILKEM Kidričevo

  • automation of transport and decantation of NaOH in brewery LAŠKO

  • selling and support of FOXBORO instrumentation for pharmaceutical industry KRKA

  • Modernisation of process control for INA SISAK refineries in Croatia  HDS Section 500

  • process control system for Extraction of ROSEMARY and Pharmaceutical department in VITIVA

  • DINA – Croatia, process control of energy distribution and utility plants in polyetilen production

  • SILKEM – Tabular production shaft kiln 2.

  • Modernisation of process control for INA SISAK refineries in Croatia  HDS Section 200

  • SILKEM – Modernisation of zeolite production,

  • SILKEM – Special alumina calcination – burner controll of rotary kiln 1

  • SILKEM – Process automation of spray drying euipment – 5 t/h

  • SILKEM – Process automation of spin flash drying euipment – 5 t/h

  • SILKEM – Zeolita calcination – process automation of rotary kiln

  • SILKEM – Pulse combustion drying euipment – technology development and process automation 100 kg/h

  • SILKEM - Special alumina calcination – burner controll of rotary kiln 2

  • SILKEM - Tabular production shaft kiln 1 - reconstruction

  • SILKEM - Alumina washing system

Research dissertation

Dr/434                                              UDC 536.51:535.371:548.55(043.3)


Janez Križan


Laser fluorescence thermometry with sintisized oxide mono - and nanocrystals



  • Fluorescence

  • Fluorescence lifetime

  • fluorescence intensity ratio

  • Flame spray pyrolysis

  • Crystal growth

  • Temperature sensors

  • Nano oxide materials

  • Lasers

  • Upconversion




This is a dissertation on the development of methods and equipment for the synthesis of crystals and their use in optics technology and thermometry. The equipment for the crystal synthesis developed in this work is based on the Verneuil method for the synthesis of monocrystals, and on flame spray pyrolysis and combustion synthesis for nanocrystals. A combination of monocrystals and nanocrystals for use in temperature sensor development and other fluorescence techniques is directed towards applications. The use of nanomaterials is following the need for overcoming some serious problems of using monocrystals in optics by applying sintered nanomaterials. Hereby a much wider range of possibilities is opened by the doping procedure which can produce new characteristics unachievable in monocrystals. The equipment which enables the synthesis of such materials on a laboratory, pilot, and on industrial scale, is a result of research and development and of experimental work listed in this dissertation. 

The second area of in this dissertation concerns about the use of synthesised crystals in fluorescence thermometry. We have developed a measuring equipment and algorithms for temperature measurement on the basis of our own synthesised crystals and raw materials. Measuring equipment and algorithms for temperature measurement on the fluorescence basis were successfully developed. This equipment is suitable for complex applications in various technologies and in medicine. 

Experimental work showed that development of targeted fluorescent materials, adjusted to specific applications, from intelligent thermal barrier materials to thermometry on nano levels, is possible. Adjusting sensors to various light sources conditioned by the requirements of the application is of crucial importance; therefore a large number of materials has been synthesised, and each can be used for a specific purpose according to temperature range, light source, material stability, and measuring resolution.

The development of technology of the equipment for pilot production of nanopowders and drying methods on the principle of a thermo-acoustic chamber is also pointed out as an important contribution of this dissertation.


Classic Flame Spray Pyrolysis- FSP

During the doctoral thesis we constructed a working flame spray pyrolysis apparatus. It was used for the synthesis of aluminas and doped aluminas. This system was the basis for our developed pulse reactor which enabled us to use aqueous precursors.

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