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  • Patented technology for the production of oxidized or reduced metal oxides with or without carbon coating.

  • We are currently developing Li-ion cathode materials. We have successfully prepared samples of LFP and NMCs.

  • The reactor uses a pulse combustor for the input of thermal energy. This way we can use aqueous or flammable precursors.

  • The explosive combustion means higher turbulence in the reaction zone. This way the conditions are homogeneous and the heat and mass transfer is enhanced.

  • Because we are working with nanomaterials, the temperature of phase transformation is lower.

  • This technology is a modified system for spray pyrolysis that uses an external source of energy. That is unlike flame spray pyrolysis that is only capable of combusting flammable precursors and the majority of the energy comes from the precursor. 

  • We can spray a wide variety and composition of precursors, from aqueous solutions to alcohol suspensions. The precursors can undergo a chemical reaction upon drying or be completely inert. 

  • We are able to use oxidative or reductive evironment for the synthesis. With reductive atmosphere carbon coating is possible. 

  • The time of flight for the particles through the reactor is about 2 s - half of the time the temperature can be set from 600 - 1200 K, the other half the temperature is about 200 to 300 K lower. 

  • In the case of oxidative environment we can also raise the temperature to 1500 K. 

pulse combustion reactor
pulse combustion reactor
pulse combustion reactor
pulse combustion reactor
pulse combustion reactor
pulse combustion reactor
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