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National Institue of Chemistry Slovenia

  • The mission of NIC is the expanding of knowledge of chemistry and associated studies, the transfer of knowledge to younger generantions, and the application of newly acquired knowledge in industry


  • Together we are developing a Synthesis of lithium iron phosphate through a Ph. D.


  • Hajdrihova 19, Ljubljana


TBJ Jesenice

  • Project layouts and detailed designs for mechanical and power supply equipment as well as specialized metallurgical equipment


  • FEM stress-deformation calculations, Gearbox design and calculations, Pipe routing lay-outs and design


  • Supporting other offices at design


  • Together we are developing the specialized pulse combustion reactor system for the production of nanomaterials


  • Adress: Cesta Borisa Kidriča 41, Slovenski javornik, 4270 Jesenice


RCJ Jesenice

Razvojni center Jesenice, družba za razvoj novih materialov in tehnologij, d.o.o.



Adress: Cesta Franceta Prešerna 61, 4270 Jesenice

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